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Why You Need a Commercial Sanitizing Service Staten Island

Because of COVID-19, commercial cleaning services are not enough to fully disinfect a workspace. To maintain the highest cleanliness and safety standards, you need to hire the best commercial sanitizing service Staten Island NY has to offer. If a business falls behind or is not serious about disinfecting and killing harmful bacteria, it could significantly affect the bottom-line.

Commercial Sanitizing Service Staten Island NY

Commercial cleaning services are an integral part of business, but cleaning is different from sanitizing. In short, cleaning gets rid of grime and dirt, but it does not kill germs and bacteria. Sanitizing is meant to target germs and viruses, killing them. Cleaning and sanitizing should not be used interchangeably because they mean different things. In many cases, commercial cleaning and commercial disinfection services Staten Island are two separate businesses.

When a person uses hand sanitizer, they are not cleaning their hands. Hands remain dirty, but 99.999% of bacteria have been killed. A commercial sanitizing service Staten Island can significantly reduce the spread of deadly viruses.

Commercial Sanitizing Service Staten Island NY

Electrostatic disinfecting is one of the best ways to sanitize a workspace. It is much more efficient and economical when compared to traditional methods of sanitizing. Electrostatic disinfecting uses a charged, liquid disinfectant that is sprayed directly on to all surfaces of an office or workspace, including walls, upholstery, floors, and more. Electrostatic disinfecting NYC is your number one option for fully sanitizing your office. Do not rely on a commercial cleaning service because cleaning and sanitizing are not the same thing.

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