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How Long After Electrostatic Disinfection Can You Open Your Office?

Everyone is looking for the newest and safest ways to disinfect because of COVID-19. Therefore, many people are hiring disinfection services Staten Island NY. Traditional methods of cleaning and sanitizing are not practical and are not completely effective in fighting against deadly viruses.

Disinfection Services Staten Island NY

Electric static sprayers are new tools that are receiving wide praise in the cleaning and disinfecting industry. Its sole purpose is to be used to disinfect surfaces using electrically charged particles. For more information, reach out for the best electrostatic disinfectant spraying Staten Island has to offer.

How long after electrostatic spraying until I can open my office?

It is safe for individuals to return to your office and sprayed equipment after the appropriate dwell time has been met. Dwell time, which is often referred to as contact time, represents the proper amount of time a surface must remain visibly wet to kill disease causing bacteria adequately. The surface must remain untouched during contact time to achieve the best possible disinfecting. For electrostatic disinfecting, the rule of thumb is you need to allow 10 minutes when spraying at 4306 ppm dilution in tap water. Electrostatic disinfecting is one of the quickest methods of killing germs and viruses living on surfaces. If you want to get your employees back to work and your patrons safely shopping, you should hire the best electrostatic disinfectant spraying Staten Island has to offer. 

Disinfection Services Staten Island NY

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