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Debunking Myths About Electrostatic Disinfecting

There are a bunch of reasons why you should choose electrostatic disinfecting over other traditional cleaning and sanitizing methods. First off, it is a touch-free process. Technicians point and spray to complete the disinfection process. Of all disinfection options, this application is amongst the most controlled and most efficient. The specialized sprayer helps to avoid over spraying and overusing disinfectants. Electrostatic disinfecting covers three times more surface area then wipes and sprays. If you are serious about disinfecting your space, you should reach out for the best electrostatic disinfecting Staten Island NY has to offer.

Disinfection Services Staten Island NY

There are many myths associated with this disinfection process. Below, we want to debunk some of these commonly held beliefs.

  • You do NOT need to clear out an entire space before disinfecting: we recommend emptying the room of people because you do not want employees or patrons to breathe in or have direct exposure to the disinfecting solution. Other than that, all other things can remain. Electrostatic disinfecting is safe for upholstery, floors, and computers. After cleaning is completed, individuals can quickly return to work. Use disinfection services Staten Island NY to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness.
  • Electrostatic disinfecting is NOT harmful to electronic devices: electrostatic disinfecting spraying is safe around standard office equipment such as keyboards, laptops, phones, and monitors. The disinfectant should not be applied to sensitive electronics such as camera lenses or computer hard drives. Reach out for electrostatic disinfecting Staten Island NY for more information.

Disinfection Services Staten Island NY

If you are serious about disinfecting your space, your first choice should be electrostatic disinfection spraying.

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