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Finding the Best Disinfection Services in Staten Island NY

What could the best commercial sanitizing service Staten Island NY has do for you and your business? If creating a safe and inviting environment is essential for operating in COVID-19 times, you cannot rely on old, traditional cleaning methods. Electrostatic disinfectant spraying on Staten Island NY is your best option for killing germs and viruses that live on surfaces.

Disinfection Services Staten Island NY

Electrostatic disinfection works with a cordless electrostatic device that sprays electrically charged cleaning solutions. The machine creates a thin and even spray that coats all surfaces. When applying the cleaner, our team uses proper PPE to ensure that everyone is safe during sanitation.

It is important to remember that the chemical cleaners used in this cleaning process have been approved by the EPA. First, surfaces are wiped clean, and then the electrostatic sprayer is applied. Once the substance dries, it is safe for people to go back into that space to work, eat, and drink.

Electrostatic Disinfecting Staten Island NY

To combat a virus as dangerous as COVID-19, you need to use a sanitizing process that is strong and reliable. Therefore, you need to reach out for professional electrostatic disinfecting on Staten Island NY. The best disinfection services Staten Island has to offer uses electrostatic spraying because it is one of the most effective, quick, and costly disinfecting services.

Commercial Sanitizing Service Staten Island NY

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