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Top Disinfection Services in NYC

To stay safe and fight against COVID-19, managers and businesses have had to turn to alternative methods of cleaning. Simple soap and water mixtures do not kill germs or viruses that live on surfaces. The combination will reduce the amount, but you cannot consider the area disinfected.

Electrostatic Disinfectant Spraying NYC

What can you do to give your space a deep clean that is proven to fight against the Coronavirus?

One of your best options for sanitizing and disinfecting is Electrostatic Disinfectant Spraying in NYC.

This sanitizing process cleans surfaces and objects by spraying an electrostatically charged mist into the air. The mist then lands on surfaces and objects. Electrostatic disinfecting NYC utilizes a special solution that is approved by the CDC. The cleaning solution is combined with air, and then it is atomized by an electrode inside the sprayer. Once the disinfectant leaves the device, it is positively charged, which means the cleaner aggressively stick to surrounding objects and surfaces. The best commercial sanitizing service NYC can help protect you and your employees.

Electrostatic Disinfecting NYC

Once the substance is sprayed, it only takes minutes for it to dry. Once dry, it is safe for individuals to return to work. Electrostatic disinfecting is one of your best options for killing germs and viruses.

Commercial Sanitizing Service NYC

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