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Electrostatic Disinfectant Spraying Linden NJ

Frequently Asked Questions about Electrostatic Disinfectant Spraying in Linden NJ

Electrostatic disinfecting in Linden NJ is a relatively new sanitizing method used to clean a space and objects thoroughly. In our time in service, we have heard many similar questions from our clients. Learning more about this disinfecting service will show you just how great it is and why your business needs this service. Below, we want to address the three most common questions we hear.

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Is this sanitizing service effective in fighting against COIVD-19? Yes. The cleaning solution used for this process is known to kill the coronavirus in only one minute.

How does the process work? A specialized sprayer, with an electrode, electrically charges the cleaning solution, which makes it attracted to surfaces and objects. This sanitizing method allows for complete, touchless disinfecting. Because the cleaner is sprayed, it can easily get to hard to reach surfaces.

What is the difference between traditional sanitizing and spraying? Hand washing can never meet the same levels of uniformity achieved with electrostatic spraying. This is why our commercial sanitizing service in Linden NJ offers this incredible disinfecting option to fight COVID-19.

Disinfection Services Linden NJ

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