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Commercial Sanitizing Service Brooklyn NY

Combating COVID-19 with an Electrostatic Spraying Service in Brooklyn NY

If last year you told someone that you needed a disinfecting service in Brooklyn NY, they would look at you and wonder why you needed such a deep clean. Today, because of the Coronavirus, disinfecting and sanitizing services are the new norm. If you have yet to inquire about the best commercial sanitizing service Brooklyn NY has, you must reach out for professional help. Regardless of your space (office, school, or bar), you need to know that all surfaces (floors, walls, desks) are clean and free of germs and viruses.

Electrostatic Disinfecting Brooklyn NY

Electrostatic spraying utilizes a spraying machine instead of a manual-pump chemical spray. The machine breaks down a single droplet into a substantially smaller, micro droplets. The machine also electrically charges chemical droplets that make it easier for the particles to find and stick to surfaces. This disinfectant process offers amazing coverage even in the hardest to reach places.

What cleaning process is best for your business?

Electrostatic disinfecting in Brooklyn NY covers areas uniformly, which is not possible with conventional spraying and wiping. To ensure there are no places left untouched, this cleaning process is your best option.

Commercial Sanitizing Service Brooklyn NY

Make sure you take the steps necessary to keep your space, your employees, and your patrons safe.

Disinfection Services Brooklyn NY

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