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Electrostatic Disinfecting Beverly Hills CA

Best Options for Safe Commercial Sanitizing Service in Beverly Hills CA

All business owners are looking for answers on how to keep their employees and customers safe during these troubling and trying times. The old methods of cleaning, unfortunately, are not enough anymore to help fight the spread of illnesses and viruses. Electrostatic Disinfecting in Beverly Hills CA is a new way of disinfecting. To fight something as dangerous as the Coronavirus, you need a disinfecting solution that is tough, reliable, and above all else, safe. For the best electrostatic disinfectant spraying Beverly Hills CA can offer, you should give our talented team a call.

Disinfection Services Beverly Hills CA

Electrostatic Disinfecting Beverly Hills CA

As mentioned above, electrostatic spraying is safe for all surfaces and human health. The cleaning process uses electrically charged disinfecting liquid that is sprayed into the air and on surfaces (floors, walls, desks, and more). You do not need to hide computers or paperwork because the disinfectant does not harm those materials and devices. Once an area is thoroughly sprayed, you must give the space a short period to dry (letting the disinfectant dry is best). Patrons and employees are free to use the area again once it is dried. Disinfection services in Beverly Hills CA are quick, safe, and reliable.

Electrostatic Disinfectant Spraying Beverly Hills CA

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